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11 Pcs Resistance Band Training Home Workouts Physical Therapy Yoga

Suitable For Any Fitness Level - The resistance tubes set can help everyone – male or female, professional athlete or beginner. You can use the set for yoga, warming up before exercising, strength training or physical therapy rehabilitation. Adjustable Resistance Levels - 5*pcs elastic bands: Black(30 lbs), Blue(25 lbs), Red(20 lbs), Green(15 lbs), Yellow(10 lbs), you can use it single or together. All exercise bands are 48" in length, and can be used alone stacked in any combination to a maximum equivalent of 100 lbs. Multifunctional & Portable: Our bands can apply to different types exercise.Perfect for toning your arms,shoulders, chest, glutes, legs etc. Also comes with convenient travel pouch.You can also take your bands to Gym, Office, and even workout on vacation!

Chest Expander Strengthen upper body Open chest and shoulders

Strengthen upper bodyOpen chest and shouldersResistance train anywhereColor May be Assorted Workout That Conveys Results Do you want to get buff but just do not have the time or energy to go to the gym? Well now you can do Downward overhead pulls, horizontal raises, military presses and much much more with the help of this chest expander! This product will give your mid-section, back and bears with a workout that conveys results. Also, the Chest Expander does it without needing to put resources into costly, massive hardware. Need to alter the force of your workouts? You can without much of a stretch shift the quantity of Lifeline links utilized. You can buy this product online in Pakistan, exclusively.

Pack of 3 Resistance Bands Set with Handles

3 resistance tubes in 1 Use 1 tube or all 3 for a variety in your workout routine Comfortable, yet grippy, foam handles Takes traditional resistance tube workouts to the next level Includes a medium, heavy and ultra-heavy resistance tube Resistance band Set Ideal Pack

Portable Chest Expander Puller Strong Resistance Cable Puller Exercise Fitness Indoor Workout Tool

Durable and also lightweight for easy transportation. Safe for strength training at home or outdoor for women and children Ergonomic anti-slip handles provide a comfortable grip. 5 rubber resistance bands easily added or removed with a snap for adjusting the strength level Specially strengthen your chest, arms and shoulders. Overhead pull down helps broaden upper back. Different way to exercise with the chest expander allows you to strengthen and sculpt every muscle group. Develops upper back, arms, and shoulders Strengthen the chest and arms Rubber hose expander and adjustable tension A convenient and easy way to get your chest workout anywhere Chest expander tubes are durable and will withstand touch workouts. Workout your chest and arms with this versatile fitness expander.

Resistance Toning Tubes

Colors may vary Exercise & strengthen muscles in the upper & lower body to build strength, increase motion and improve conditioning Large soft grip handles are easy to slip over feet & ankles to deliver an effective lower body workout ideal for conditioning & rehabbing muscles Perfect alternative to free weights & dumbbells that is portable & easy to use, included Door Anchor turns any door into an effective workout station Rehabilitate muscles through simple yet effective workouts to increase strength & improve motion Special Heavy Black Tubes are the sixth of eight levels of resistance and great for rehabilitation and higher level resistance.

TRX Pro System Suspension Trainer

OUR MOST VERSATILE TRAINING SYSTEM! TRX’s PRO Suspension Trainer Kit help you create intense full-body workouts Anytime, Anywhere! Features 3 Suspension Anchors, Ergonomic Suspension Strap Handles, Locking Carabineer, Pro-Trainer 8-Week Workout Guide & 8 Training Videos—Download our FREE TRX App for MORE INTENSITY RIGHT NOW! INCREDIBLE RESULTS IN JUST 20 MINUTES! TRX gives you the power to hit fitness goals at home or on the go! Our digital workouts teach you EASY Core Strengthening Exercises that Rapidly Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Increase Endurance & Improve Flexibility—helping you take total control of your Health & Well-Being FAST! TRAIN EVERYWHERE! TRX anchors to any door, rafter, beam, tree, pole or post in seconds that supports 350 lbs. Lightweight & Affordable, our PRO lets you train at home or in your hotel room—GET IN SHAPE FAST at sports complexes, parks and playgrounds too!.

Workout Medium Loop Band Pull Up Assist Band Stretch Resistance Powerlifting Exercise Fitness Assist Mobility Band for Men and Women

100% natural latex · Perfect for Crossfit ,Yoga & Fitness Classes · Textured Surface for Professional Gym Use · Develop Balance and Coordination · Perfect for Stretching and Flexibility · Provide a Total Body Workout Loop bands are a great training tool which are gaining popularity in the health and fitness industry. They are used extensively in elite sport by professional athletes to activate and strengthen muscles. A lightweight and versatile product which when used correctly can aid postural and structural balance of major muscle groups. Activating 'sleeping' muscles is one popular use of loop bands.